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FanFic: Quicksand

Title: Quicksand
Author: WhoJackman
Rating: PGish
Characters: Julie, Tim
Length: 11,900 words
Spoilers: First two seasons vaguely

Plot: Tulie - It was going so well until he made a huge judgement call.

Read here.


FanFic: Waking Up!

Title:  Waking Up!
Rating:  PG-13
Authors: WhoJackman and Scarlett Letters
Genre:  Romance
Spoilers:  Set post events of season 2. 
Pairings:  Tim/Julie 

So what happens if Tim Riggins and Julie Taylor wake up together in his truck with no recollection of the night before.


FanFic - Spinning Circles

Title: Spinning Circles
Characters: Tim/Julie
Setting: AU - Should that first game never occured and Jason never got injured. 
Rating: NC-17


FanFic - Dillon's Damsel

Title/Link: Dillon's Damsel
Author: WhoJackman
Pairing: Tulie
Rating: T
Short summary: Tim's moved in and finds himself begrudgingly Julie's Protector and White Knight.

Fanfic - Rust Buckets and Rivalries

Title: Rust Buckets and Rivalries
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Written by: WhoJackman
Characters: Tim Riggins/Julie Taylor
Rating: M
Summary: Sequel to Preying on a Panther/Unbalanced.  
AN: Still in progress (chapter 13, 15,000 words currently)

Rust Buckets and Rivalries

WhoJackman fanfic

FanFic - Race to the V-Card


Title: Race to the V-Card

Author: WhoJackman, LillytheValley

Fandom: Friday Night Lights

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I disclaim.

Characters: Tim Riggins, Julie Taylor, ensemble mentions

Summary: Tim and Smash have committed themselves to a locker room bet to win the V-Card of a certain girl we all love.  Other characters step in to make this challenge more difficult.

Race to the V-Card

Title: Preying on a  Panther
Author: paring: Tim/Julie
Rating: PG17
Length: +30,000 words
Summary: Tim moves in with the Taylor's and Julie's not impressed.  She hatches a plan and more unfolds than either Tim or Julie could have even planned. From Julie's perspective.

(Preying on a Panther - Discovering that your father had "adopted" the town's biggest man whore was not the best news of the day.)

Title: Unbalanced (Companion story to Preying on a Panther, Tim's perspective of same events.)
Author: paring: Tim/Julie
Rating: PG17
Length: +30,000 words
Summary: Tim moves in with the Taylor's and cannot believe his good luck.  He falls for the Coach's daughter and things get a lot more complicated.


FanFic - Preying on a Panther

Title: Preying on a Panther
Pairing: Tim and Julie
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own no part of Friday Night Lights, the characters, or anything.
Synopsis: Takes place after Riggins moved in with the Taylor's and Julie's extremely displeased.  Then a plan goes into action...

(Preying on a Panther)